About Us

  • The Company:

    Himalayan Travelogue is a Shimla based travel management company that was started back in 2000. Since then the company is striving for a distinct identity in the market and with the efforts and expertise of the employees it has managed to achieve the same. Himalayan Travelogue strive to give best and cheap packages to its client, maximum business to its partners, and better opportunity of tourism to the locals. Over all the goal of the company is to provide maximum satisfaction to the people or things that are connectedwith it. The company deals in inbound as well as outbound tourism. Besides that, company also provides Visa facilitation, Hotel bookings, Flight bookings, Train bookings, Taxi services etc. With millions of satisfied clients and partners, today Himalayan Travelogue conducts some of the best tours in India as well as in the foreign land.

  • What sets Himalayan Travelogue apart:

    It is true that this is the age of competition. With countless numbers of travel companies, it is hard to rely on one particular company. Himalayan travelogue aims at retaining its customers by providing them value for money services. The company conducts all types of packages such as: Family Vacation Packages, Honeymoon Packages, Pilgrimage Packages, Group Packages, Locally Hosted Packages, Escorted Packages, Solo Packages, Weekend Gateways Packages, Business Packages, Adventure Packages, Offbeat Tour Packages, Health and Medical Tour Packages,Female only Packages, Train Tour Packages, Tailor made Packages and Event Packages. India being a diverse country, Himalayan Travelogue provides the cheapest as well most elite tours in India and abroad keeping in mind the requirement of the client. With 10 years of knowledge and about 6 years of experience, Himalayan Travelogue comprehends how important the satisfaction of a clients is. The employees of Himalayan Travelogue works 24/7 hours, 07 days a week and 365 days a year. Proper care of the client is taken before, during and post the tour. Matter of fact, Himalayan Travelogue emphasize on building strong relationship with its clients.

  • Vision:

    Himalayan Travelogue works day and night for the satisfaction of the clients, the business partners, the locals and the destination itself. The company believes in carrying capacity and hence undertakes only as much clients as much as the company can handle. Himalayan Travelogue work for retaining the beauty of the destination and is working hard to make understate the concept of Responsible Tourism. The vision of Himalayan Travelogue is to retain the beauty of the destinations.

  • Responsibility:

    Himalayan Travelogue holds the responsibility for:

  1. Clients: by providing them the value for money packages keeping in mind the requirement and the budget of the client.
  2. Business partners: by transparency of monetary dealing and giving maximum bookings in Season as well as Off Season.
  3. The locals: by respecting the land and giving them opportunity to enhance tourism without hurting their traditions and sentiments.
  4. The Destination: by retaining the beauty of the land with the help of responsible and eco-tourism.
  • Opportunity:

    Himalayan Travelogue provided employment opportunity to the locals keeping in mind the requirement of the employees. Apart from smart salary, the employees gets monetary as well as non-monetary rewards for their performance. Along with it, the satisfaction of the employees is taken into consideration and company assures of the same.

  • Safety Concern:

    Himalayan Travelogue never compromises no matter what when it comes to safety of its clients, business partners, and employees. When the packages are customized, the company keeps a rigorous check on different elements of safety such as weather conditions, the political state of the destination etc. With special priority to women travellers, Himalayan Travelogue takes into account all the elements of safety.